Nuwave Oven Pro Plus Vs Elite

Nuwave Oven Pro Plus Vs Elite – Exploring the Oven Frontier

Last Updated on July 16, 2023

In the realm of kitchen appliances, the battle for supremacy often boils down to the finest details. 

Such is the case with the NuWave Oven Pro Plus and Elite models, two formidable contenders vying for the title of the ultimate cooking companion.

NuWave Oven Pro Plus has a temperature range of 100°F to 350°F, while NuWave Oven Elite can reach up to 420°F, allowing for more versatile cooking options.

From temperature ranges to construction materials, we’ll delve into the key differences between these ovens, allowing you to decide which suits your culinary needs best. 

Let’s explore the unique features and advantages of each model so that you can revolutionize your cooking routine!

Comparing NuWave Oven Pro Plus and Elite: Which One Should You Choose?

In this comparison, we will explore several key aspects to help you make an informed decision. 

We’ll examine the color options available for both models, then discuss their dimensions and weight. 

We’ll also delve into the materials used in their construction, as well as their control types and temperature ranges. 

By the end of this discussion, you’ll better understand which NuWave Oven is the right choice for you based on your preferences and specific needs.

Color Options Available

The NuWave Oven Pro Plus offers customers the choice of three visually striking color options: black, gold stainless steel, and white, while the NuWave Oven Elite exclusively comes in a sleek black design. 

These color options allow customers to select a NuWave Oven Pro Plus that best suits their kitchen decor and personal preferences.

The black color option provides a classic and elegant look, while the gold stainless steel option adds a touch of luxury and sophistication. 

The white color option offers a clean and modern aesthetic.

The availability of multiple color options expands the versatility of the NuWave Oven Pro Plus, making it a suitable choice for various kitchen styles and designs.

Dimensions and Weight

The dimensions and weight of the two models are similar, with the NuWave Oven Pro Plus measuring 15’D x 15.75’W x 13’H and weighing 10 pounds, while the NuWave Oven Elite measures 15.5′ in width, 13.5′ in height, and also weighs 10 pounds. 

Despite the slight difference in dimensions, both models are compact and portable, making them suitable for any kitchen space.

The similarity in weight allows for easy handling and maneuverability. Additionally, the compact size of both models makes them ideal for individuals with limited counter space. 

Their dimensions also make them versatile enough to fit a variety of cooking needs, from baking to roasting.

The identical weight of both models ensures that users will not experience any difficulty in transporting or storing them.

Material Options

The NuWave Oven Pro Plus features a polycarbonate dome, which is a lightweight and durable material known for its high impact resistance. 

The porcelain enamel liner pan provides a non-stick cooking surface that is easy to clean. Stainless steel and plastic parts are used in various oven components, ensuring durability and functionality.

Material Options

In contrast, the NuWave Oven Elite’s ‘power dome’ lid and extender rings are made of metal, which adds to its overall durability and strength. 

This metal construction enhances the oven’s ability to withstand higher cooking temperatures and provides a more robust cooking experience.

Control Type

The Pro Plus model features a push-button control and digital temperature control that allows users to set the temperature from 100°F to 350°F in 1-degree increments.

Alternatively, the Elite model uses a digital display with an actual temperature display and a digital timer. It offers a higher temperature range, allowing users to set the temperature up to 420°F.

Control Type

The push-button control of the Pro Plus model provides convenience and ease of use, while the digital display of the Elite model offers more precise temperature control. 

This difference in control type allows users to have more flexibility in cooking various types of dishes at their desired temperature settings.

Temperature Range

With a temperature range of up to 420°F, the NuWave Oven Elite offers users a wider range of cooking possibilities compared to its counterpart, the Pro Plus model.

This expanded temperature range allows for more versatile cooking options and higher temperatures when needed.

The NuWave Oven Elite’s higher temperature range opens up a variety of cooking techniques, such as searing, browning, and broiling, which require higher heat levels.

Additionally, the higher temperature range can result in faster cooking times for certain dishes, making it a convenient option for time-conscious individuals.

Users can also take advantage of Elite’s ability to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the cooking process, ensuring even and precise results.

Cooking Technology Used

The Nuwave Oven Pro Plus combines conduction, convection, and infrared cooking technology. 

Infrared cooking utilizes radiant heat to penetrate the food, resulting in quick and thorough cooking. 

This multi-layered cooking technology contributes to the Nuwave Oven Pro Plus’ ability to cook food 70% faster and consume 75% less energy than standard ovens.

The oven features an adjustable thermostat with digital temperature control ranging from 100 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit in 1-degree increments. 

It also includes settings for warm, reheat, delay, and up to 10 hours of cooking time, offering versatility for various cooking needs. 

The oven’s compact size, weighing only 10 pounds, makes it lightweight and portable, suitable for use in RVs, dorms, boats, and other settings.

Conversely, the Nuwave Oven Elite offers greater temperature control and display capabilities compared to the Pro Plus model.

It features a digital temperature control that ranges from 100 to 420 degrees Fahrenheit in 1-degree increments. 

The actual temperature is displayed, allowing for precise cooking adjustments. The Elite model also includes a durable “power dome” lid and a stainless steel cooking rack with reversible options. 

Extender rings, made of metal rather than plastic, are available separately in 3-inch and 5-inch heights.

With a maximum cooking temperature of 420°F, it offers a higher temperature range compared to the Pro Plus model, which has a maximum cooking temperature of 375°F. 

The Elite model’s heavy-duty lid and metal extender rings make it suitable for more advanced cooking tasks.

Finish Type

The NuWave Oven Pro Plus has a painted finish, which adds to its sleek and modern look. On the other hand, the NuWave Oven Elite has a more durable, scratch-resistant stainless steel finish, offering a more polished and elegant appearance.

The painted finish of the NuWave Oven Pro Plus is easy to clean, but it could be prone to wear and tear over time. In contrast, the stainless steel finish of the NuWave Oven Elite not only looks stunning and professional, but it is also resistant to scratches and other damages.

It is worth noting that the stainless steel finish may require more attention when it comes to cleaning, as it can show fingerprints and smudges more easily than the painted finish.

Energy Efficiency

The NuWave Oven Pro Plus is designed to be highly efficient, using 75% less energy than traditional ovens while cooking up to 70% faster. 

Its innovative combination of conduction, convection, and infrared cooking technologies achieves this. 

These methods work together to distribute heat evenly and efficiently throughout the cooking chamber, ensuring that food is cooked thoroughly and quickly.

With a wattage of 1300 watts, the NuWave Oven Pro Plus provides ample power for its cooking capabilities. 

The NuWave Oven Pro Plus comes with a shatter-resistant polycarbonate dome and a porcelain enamel liner pan, both of which contribute to its energy efficiency. 

On the other hand, the NuWave Oven Elite offers similar energy-saving benefits but with some additional features. 

It has a maximum cooking temperature of 420 degrees Fahrenheit, higher than the Pro Plus model’s maximum of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Elite model also includes a heavy-duty “power dome” lid, which helps retain heat and improve energy efficiency.

While both models are energy-efficient, the NuWave Oven Pro Plus provides specific advantages in terms of energy savings, with its lower wattage and slightly lower maximum cooking temperature.

Price Range Comparison

The NuWave Oven Pro Plus is available at a higher price range, starting from $199.00 and going up to $329.95. This higher price reflects the additional features and enhanced functionality that it offers.

In comparison, the NuWave Oven Elite is more budget-friendly, with a price range of $159.99 to $199.99. Despite its lower price, it still provides a range of cooking options and features that make it a great choice for those looking for a more affordable option.

What can you cook in a NuWave Pro Plus?

The NuWave Pro Plus offers a wide range of cooking options, allowing users to create diverse dishes and explore their culinary creativity. 

This versatile kitchen appliance allows you to cook various meals and explore different cooking techniques.

Air fried chicken

Here are five examples of what you can cook in a NuWave Pro Plus:

  • Pan-seared fish: Achieve a crispy and flavorful crust on your favorite fish fillets.
  • Crispy pizza: Enjoy a perfectly cooked pizza with a crispy crust and evenly melted cheese.
  • Air fried chicken: Get that crispy fried chicken texture without the excess oil.
  • Sauteed vegetables: Cook vegetables to perfection, preserving their color, texture, and nutrients.
  • Blended hot piping soups: Create delicious and comforting soups by blending cooked ingredients directly in the NuWave Pro Plus.

What is the temperature limit on the NuWave pro plus?

A remarkable feature of the NuWave Pro Plus is its ability to reach a staggering temperature range of 100°F to 350°F, allowing for precise control and mastery over cooking temperatures. 

This wide temperature range provides users with the flexibility to cook a variety of dishes using different cooking techniques.

Lower temperatures can be used for slow cooking, dehydrating, or warming food, while higher temperatures are suitable for baking, roasting, grilling, and even searing. 

The NuWave Pro Plus effectively eliminates the need for multiple appliances, as it can handle a wide range of cooking tasks.

This temperature control feature enables users to achieve consistent and even results, ensuring that food is cooked to the desired doneness and quality.

Is NuWave Oven Better than Microwave?

When comparing the NuWave Oven and microwave, it is evident that the NuWave Oven offers a superior cooking and reheating experience due to its ability to cook food to crispy perfection without adding excess moisture.

Unlike microwaves, which tend to make leftovers soggy when reheating, the NuWave Oven ensures that food remains crispy and delicious. 

This is because the NuWave Oven is designed to cook food evenly and thoroughly, using a combination of convection, conduction, and infrared technology.

The Bravo Oven, in particular, is known for its quick pre-heating capabilities, allowing for efficient cooking times. While microwaves may be faster at heating food, they often sacrifice the quality of the end result.

Choosing Between the NuWave Oven Pro Plus and Elite

The choice between the NuWave Oven Pro Plus and Elite ultimately comes down to personal preference and specific needs in the kitchen. 

Both ovens excel in their ability to cook a variety of dishes, providing a convenient alternative to traditional cooking methods. 

These appliances have become indispensable cooking companions with their advanced technology and design.

Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast seeking to experiment with different recipes or simply looking for a reliable tool to prepare everyday meals, both the NuWave Oven Pro Plus and Elite will deliver a high-quality cooking experience. 

So, choose the one that suits your cooking style and embark on a culinary journey filled with delicious creations.

Upgrade your kitchen arsenal today and experience the next level of cooking convenience with NuWave Oven’s Pro Plus or Elite model.

Unleash your creativity, savor the flavors, and elevate your culinary adventures to new heights.

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