Ninja Vs Gowise Usa Air Fryer

Ninja Vs Gowise USA Air Fryer – The Ultimate Face-Off

Last Updated on July 7, 2023

In the realm of kitchen appliances, the battle for superiority is fierce, and the air fryer market is no exception. 

Two contenders, the Ninja and GoWISE USA air fryers, have emerged as noteworthy competitors, each vying for the top spot.

This article aims to provide an objective and informative review of these two air fryers, analyzing their performance and features.

The Ninja air fryer, with its cutting-edge technology and innovative design, promises to revolutionize the way we cook. 

Meanwhile, the GoWISE USA air fryer boasts its own unique set of features, making it a formidable rival in this culinary arena.

From cooking times to versatility, this review will delve into every aspect, leaving no stone unturned.

So, let us embark on this journey of exploration and evaluation to determine whether the Ninja or GoWISE USA air fryer will emerge victorious in this battle of culinary prowess.

Ninja vs. GoWISE USA Air Fryer: A Comparative Review and Performance Analysis

This discussion compares the design and material, capacity, cooking presets, temperature range, and timer features of the Ninja and GoWISE USA air fryers.

Both air fryers offer multiple cooking presets, allowing users to easily cook a variety of dishes with the touch of a button.

Additionally, both air fryers have a wide temperature range and timer feature, providing users with flexibility and control over their cooking process.

Design and Material

Both models are compact and space-saving, making them suitable for any kitchen countertop.

The Ninja air fryer is constructed with a durable and sturdy plastic exterior, which adds to its visual appeal and ensures long-lasting durability.

In contrast, the GoWISE USA air fryer boasts a stainless steel exterior, making it look sleek and polished.

The materials used in both fryers are heat-resistant, allowing for safe and efficient cooking. 

Additionally, the control panels of both models are well-designed, featuring intuitive buttons and clear digital displays for easy operation.


The Ninja air fryer comes in a 4-quart capacity suitable for small families or individuals. 

This size allows for cooking a variety of dishes, including fries, chicken wings, and even a small whole chicken.

Alternatively, the GoWISE USA air fryer offers a larger capacity of 5.8 quarts, making it ideal for larger families or gatherings. 


With this size, it is possible to prepare more servings of food at once, reducing the need for multiple batches.

Both air fryers provide enough space to cook a decent amount of food, but the GoWISE USA air fryer offers a slightly larger capacity, providing more flexibility for larger groups or occasions.

Cooking Presets

The Ninja air fryer, for instance, offers presets for frying, roasting, reheating, and dehydrating, allowing users to achieve perfectly crispy fries, tender roasted meats, quick reheating of leftovers, and even homemade dried fruits.

Cooking Presets

Similarly, the GoWISE air fryer boasts presets for frying, baking, grilling, and toasting, enabling users to effortlessly prepare a variety of dishes such as crispy chicken wings, fluffy baked goods, delicious grilled vegetables, and perfectly toasted sandwiches.

With these versatile cooking presets, users can easily experiment with different recipes and enjoy a wide range of culinary delights.

Temperature Range

These air fryers are equipped with temperature controls that allow users to adjust the heat settings according to their cooking needs.

The temperature range of the Ninja air fryer typically spans from 105°F to 400°F, while the Gowise USA air fryer offers a slightly wider range, from 180°F to 400°F.

This wide temperature range allows users to cook a wide variety of foods, from delicate items that require lower temperatures to crispy and well-cooked dishes that need higher heat.

With such versatility in temperature control, users can experiment with different recipes and achieve the desired level of doneness and texture for their meals.


The timer function on these air fryers allows users to monitor and control the cooking duration for their dishes precisely, ensuring optimal results every time. 

With the timer feature, users can set the desired cooking time and the air fryer will automatically shut off once the time is up. 


This is particularly useful for busy individuals who may need to multitask in the kitchen or for those who want to avoid overcooking their food. 

Additionally, the timer function helps in preventing the food from burning or becoming too dry. 

Users can also take advantage of the timer function to delay the start of the cooking process, allowing them to have their meals ready at specific times. 

The table below showcases the timer range of the Ninja and GoWISE USA air fryers:

Air Fryer ModelTimer Range (minutes)
Ninja0 – 60
GoWISE USA0 – 30

By having a wide range of timer options, users can easily adjust the cooking duration according to the specific requirements of their recipes.

Additional Features

One notable additional feature of both the Ninja and GoWISE USA air fryers is the presence of a digital timer.

This feature allows users to set a specific cooking time, ensuring precise and consistent results.

Additionally, both air fryers include temperature control settings, which enable users to adjust the cooking temperature according to their preferences and the requirements of different recipes.

Furthermore, the Ninja and GoWISE USA air fryers are equipped with a preheat function, allowing the fryer to reach the desired temperature before adding the food.

This feature ensures that the food is cooked evenly and reduces cooking time.

Lastly, both air fryers have a keep warm function that keeps the food warm for a certain period after cooking, allowing for flexibility in mealtime.


Here are four key points to consider regarding the pricing of the Ninja and GoWISE USA air fryers:

  1. Price range: Both brands offer a range of models with varying price points. The Ninja air fryers tend to be priced slightly higher than the GoWISE USA models.
  2. Features vs. Price: The pricing of these air fryers is often reflective of the features they offer. Higher-priced models usually come with more advanced functions and larger capacities.
  3. Warranty and customer support: It is worth considering each brand’s warranty and customer support, as this may justify the price difference.
  4. Long-term costs: Additionally, it is important to consider long-term costs such as energy consumption and maintenance requirements, as these can impact the overall value of the air fryer.

Considering these factors will help potential buyers decide based on their budget and needs.

What is special about a Ninja air fryer?

One notable feature of the Ninja air fryer is its multi-functionality, offering cooking options beyond just air frying, such as roasting, reheating, and dehydrating. 

This allows users to easily prepare a variety of dishes with a simple touch of a button.

For instance, imagine being able to roast a whole chicken to perfection or dehydrate fruits to make homemade healthy snacks effortlessly. 

The Ninja air fryer is equipped with advanced technology that ensures even and efficient cooking, resulting in crispy and delicious food every time.

Its larger-capacity MAX model is especially advantageous for families, as it can accommodate larger portions of food. 

Additionally, the Ninja air fryer is designed to cook from frozen, saving time and providing convenience for busy individuals.

With its versatile functions and user-friendly interface, the Ninja air fryer stands out as a reliable and practical kitchen appliance.

Is the Ninja air fryer non toxic?

The non-toxic nature of the ceramic-coated basket in the Ninja XL Air Fryer ensures that no harmful chemicals are released into the food during cooking.

This is an important feature that promotes food safety and health.

The ceramic coating acts as a barrier between the food and the heating elements, preventing any potential leaching of chemicals into the food.

This is particularly advantageous for individuals who are concerned about the potential health risks associated with non-stick coatings or other materials used in air fryers.

Using a ceramic-coated basket, the Ninja XL Air Fryer provides a safe and reliable cooking option for individuals who prioritize the quality and safety of their meals.

The ceramic coating is also dishwasher-safe, making cleaning and maintaining hygiene standards easy.

How long do you cook in the GoWISE USA air fryer?

Cooking in the GoWise Digital air fryer can take up to 30 minutes, with temperatures ranging from 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees.

This air fryer features eight cooking presets, allowing for a variety of cooking options.

The temperature range is wide enough to accommodate different types of food, from delicate fish to crispy fries. 

The cooking presets further simplify the cooking process, ensuring consistent and delicious results.

The GoWise Digital air fryer is designed to provide convenience and efficiency in the kitchen.

With its high temperature capabilities and preset options, users can easily cook a wide range of dishes in a relatively short amount of time.

Whether one is preparing a quick snack or a complete meal, the GoWise Digital air fryer offers a versatile and time-saving cooking solution.

Can you hard boil eggs in a GoWise USA air fryer?

Hard boiling eggs in a GoWise USA air fryer is a feasible cooking method that yields consistently perfect results in just 15 minutes. 

This cooking technique offers several advantages, making it a convenient option for those who prefer hard-boiled eggs.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Time-saving: The GoWise USA air fryer allows for quick and efficient cooking, producing hard-boiled eggs in a fraction of the time compared to traditional boiling methods.
  • Consistency: The air fryer ensures that the eggs are cooked evenly, resulting in a uniform texture and doneness throughout.
  • Ease of use: Place the eggs in the air fryer basket and set the timer. No need to monitor the boiling water or worry about overcooking.
  • Customization: Adjusting the cooking time can cater to personal preferences, whether you prefer a slightly soft or fully firm yolk.

With its efficiency, consistency, and ease of use, the GoWise USA air fryer proves to be an excellent tool for achieving perfectly hard-boiled eggs quickly.

Choosing the Perfect Air Fryer: Exploring the Ninja and GoWISE USA Options

The choice between the Ninja and GoWISE USA air fryer depends on individual preferences and specific needs in the kitchen.

Whether you prioritize cutting-edge technology and innovative design or value versatility and unique features, both the Ninja and GoWISE USA air fryers have something to offer. 

The Ninja air fryer’s advanced technology promises a revolutionized cooking experience, while the GoWISE USA air fryer surprises with its ability to boil eggs hard.

Safety is a crucial aspect of any kitchen appliance, and both models meet the necessary standards, providing users with peace of mind during their culinary adventures.

It is worth noting that cooking times may vary in the GoWISE USA air fryer, depending on the recipe. 

However, its efficient cooking options still ensure a delightful culinary experience overall.

So, whether you are an aspiring chef seeking cutting-edge technology or a home cook looking for versatility, rest assured that both the Ninja and GoWISE USA air fryers will enhance your culinary journey and deliver delicious results.

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