RAT 3 Vs Esee 3 – Which is Better?

Last Updated on July 15, 2023

If you’re looking for an inexpensive pocket knife, the RAT 3 knife is worth a look. This blade from Ontario Knife Company is a great option for everyday carry. It features an injection molded sheath and a boot-style clip plate. While the RAT 3 is a bit more bulky than the Esee, it’s an excellent choice for general use.

RAT 3 is a durable and compact knife. Although it has a couple of minor flaws, they are easily fixed, and the price is right. The major difference between these two knives is their edge retention and durability.

RAT-3 Ontario Knife Company 8665 Plain Edge with Black Nylon Sheath
  • Made in the USA
  • Overall length: 7.90 inch
  • Blade length: 3.90 inch

The RAT 3 knife costs less than half the price of the ESEE 3. This knife also comes with an injection molded sheath and boot-style clip plate. Both knives are very affordable and work well for backpacking and outdoor activities. They also have similar features and can be easily carried in a backpack.

While the ESEE 3 knife has a 5.5-inch blade, the RAT 3 has a blade that is a bit duller than average. However, a normal whetstone can sharpen the 1075 carbon steel blade. If you’re not confident with your knife sharpening skills, you can look for online tutorials to learn how to sharpen it. The RAT 3 has a black matte handle, but the edge is bright and contrasts well with the matte finish. In addition, the overall length of the knife is 7.9 inches.

ESEE-3 Fixed Blade Knife, 3D Contoured Handle, 1095 Carbon Steel, Black Ambidextrous Sheath
  • Overall Length: 8.19”, Overall Blade Length: 3.88”, Cutting Edge Length: 3.38”
  • Blade Steel: 1095 Carbon, Rockwell Hardness: 55-57, Maximum Thickness: .125”
  • Blade Finish: Textured Powdercoat, Handle: 3D Contured Micarta/G10

The RAT 3 knife is a good value for the money. It also features a choil cutout in the spine, which comes in handy if you’re choking. It’s also made of Micarta, which is inexpensive but remarkably good at staying grippy in sweaty conditions.

In addition to being cheaper, the RAT 3 also has a full tang, which makes it stronger and less usable than a regular blade. While both knives have an affordable price, the RAT 3 is easier to carry and sharpen, making it a better choice for general purpose use.

The ESEE 3 has comfortable Micarta handles that provide a solid grip. Micarta is also available in a variety of colors, ensuring that there is a perfect match for any preference. The ESEE-3 is also available in a sheath with multiple holes. This makes it possible to carry it anywhere you want.


The Ontario ESEE-3 features a blade with a flat grind, making it perfect for batoning and slicing. It is also available with a combo edge, making it an excellent tactical knife.

When comparing the RAT III knife Vs ESEE 3, it’s important to look at the handle. The ESEE knife has a smooth, ergonomic handle, which makes it extremely comfortable to hold. In addition to that, despite its angular shape, it’s very easy to adjust for a variety of grips.

Both the RAT III and ESEE 3 are excellent field knives for general use. Both are durable and reasonably priced and are useful for various tasks. Both knives have their downsides.

Are ESEE Knives Good For Bushcraft?

When choosing a knife for your bushcraft endeavors, you’ll want to focus on a few key components. ESEE knives are built with a forward guard and sculpted divots on the blade spine. They also offer a variety of handle, blade, and sheath options.

ESEE knives are designed with real-world utility in mind. They are a great choice for the bushcraft enthusiast who wants a knife that’s not too large or heavy. Designed with a full tang, these knives are incredibly tough and durable. This makes them great for chopping and batoning and ensures a solid knife.

Does the Military Use ESEE Knives?

You might be wondering if the military uses ESEE knives. These knives are much lighter and more efficient than most of their competitors. However, you should know that ESEE knives rust easily. The answer to that question depends on the task at hand. The Special Forces perform very specific missions that require specific tools for a specific purpose. As such, they don’t always use the same knife.

What do ESEE knives stand for?

ESEE Knives is a brand name in the knife industry that offers many different kinds of fixed blade knives and tools for the outdoor enthusiast. The knives from this company are designed with toughness and durability in mind and are backed by the best warranty in the industry. The ESEE brand is the only brand with a lifetime warranty and you can rest assured that your knife will last for as long as you need it to.

The company has a simple philosophy. They strive to treat customers with respect, provide quality products, and ensure that their prices are competitive. They also never teach skills that aren’t tested in the field and provide great customer service. Many outdoor enthusiasts have used their products and are backed by a strong aftermarket.

The ESEE knives are designed with adventurers in mind, which is why many staff members are adventurers. For example, Patrick Rollins, a designer at ESEE, developed the PR4 knife based on his adventures in the jungles of South America and the backcountry of the United States. The Rowen manufacturing facility is a fine example of American craftsmanship, and the employees stand behind each knife.

ESEE Bushcraft Knife, PR4 Fixed Blade Survival Knife, Black Oxide Finish, Leather Sheath
  • Overall Length: 8.9″ – Blade Overall Length: 4.19″ – Blade Style: Spear Point
  • Cutting Edge Length: 4.0″ – Blade Thickness: .125″ – Blade Grind: Flat
  • Knife Weight: 6.3 oz – Steel: 1095 Carbon, 55-57 RC – Blade Finish: Black Oxide

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