5r55s vs 5r55w difference

5R55S Vs 5R55W Difference

Last Updated on October 13, 2023

The most obvious 5R55S vs. 5-R55W difference lies in the gear ratios. The 5R55S was a heavier duty transmission that began being used in the Ford Explorer in November 2000. The later 5R55W transmissions were more economical but lacked the SelectShift feature. As a result, more power was lost during shifts. The two were largely cosmetic, and a few key differences emerged.

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The Ford 5R55S and 5R55W transmissions are similar but have different overdrive planet gear ratios. The main difference between the two is the amount of shift control. The S model uses manual shift controls, while the W has electronic shift controls. The differences between the two types are subtle but significant. In order to determine which one is better, compare the specifications of the two transmissions side by side.

The 5R55W and 5R55S are rear wheel drive 5-speed transmissions. The W and S solenoids have different clutch. The W and S versions use manual clutches. The W/S solenoid has no clutch but is still a manual transmission. Hence, the differences between the two are minor. They both are synchronous units. Moreover, the W/S version has a reverse pressure switch and is equipped with two cast bosses behind the intermediate servo cover.

The W/S solenoid is also a higher-performance transmission. The W/S solenoid is made to be more durable and is often more expensive, as the former is a lightweight unit. It is used in vehicles with a larger engine and heavier payload. The difference between the W and S is minimal, but the S is more efficient. This means that you need to change your old transmission if you want to buy a new one.

The W/S models share parts that make them identical, but the W/S solenoid is used in luxury cars. The S model is more durable and more economical. The W/S has a clutch, while the S version does not. It has an internal pinion gear. There are no internal gears. The S solenoid is not used in a vehicle.

The Ford 5R55W/S is the more common of the two. The W/S has a different overdrive planet gear ratio and is more expensive. The N has one cast boss on the base plate, while the S has one. The W/S has no reverse pressure switch. The W and S models share the same wiring harness. The W/S is more powerful, and the S has a lower weight.

The five-speed Ford 5R55W/S has different overdrive planet gear ratios. The W/S has one cast boss behind the intermediate servo cover. The N/S solenoid is the same, but the W/S has one boss behind the intermediate servo cover. These two are almost identical in design but differ in their transmissions. The W/S has a more robust clutch mechanism, while the S has a stronger, more compact clutch.

The Ford 5R55S and the S are similar in design. Both of these synchronous units are used in the Ford Explorer. The Ford Explorer has the fiveR55S/S. While they differ in some aspects, the Ford Explorer is a good candidate for a comparison between the two. However, it’s important to know that both have their advantages and disadvantages. This article will look at the differences between the W/S and the N/S transmissions.

In the Ford Explorer, the N/S solenoid was used. This type of transmission is still used today in the ranger and sport trac. The difference between the two is primarily the gear ratios. The N/S gearbox is more expensive and has fewer gears. The 5R55W is the best choice if you want to save fuel and increase gas mileage.

While the S/S version of the Ford 5R55 transmission has a larger engine and more horsepower, the W has a smaller engine. The 5R55S is more expensive, but it has more torque. If you want a car with more power, it’s best to have a bigger transmission. It will not produce as much noise as the W. The difference between the S/W is minimal.

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